Children's Care

Promote environmental education. ... To educate people for saving our Environment. To Promote Child Health & Nutrition.


Girl Child & Woman

Promote enrollment and retention of the girl child in school and to ensure her education at least up to intermediate level.


Social Welfare

ATSWT itself implies Service and its primary thought process mindfulness among the poor areas. ATSWT is Non Government association ...


Education is one of more important for a human, we providing free education and healthy food for poor

peolpes and handicapped children's we focus on their future and creating awareness of our lifestyle...

Girl Child

Encourage girls to get married only after the age of 18 years. Encourage parents to adopt family planning norm with two girl children. Protect the rights of the girl child and provide social and financial empowerment to girl...

Social welfare

security as covering support for those in old age, support for the maintenance of children, medical treatment, parental and sick leave, unemployment and disability benefits, and support for sufferers of...